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Oddly enough, time spent in the studio has been about everything but painting. Sketching, while revisiting drawings and furniture design ideas from years past, the soup du jour at the new atelier. Catching up with an abandoned practice while documenting the past has been a process; nevertheless, an introspection that needed to occur.

As a gallerist for over a decade, artist's studio visits have been a common practice. It is an event that I have always enjoyed and, in most cases, artists appreciate the critique. In retrospect, it shouldn't have been surprising that once settled in the new space, I was going to make a studio visit to myself.

Studying old drawings and bringing some of them back to life has been a revival of sorts; and the, seemingly relevant after almost twenty years, colada graphic found itself on the silkscreen press once again as a result. Hopefully soon, you will run into it at the clothing rack of a retail store and buy it. But more than likely, if you are one of the very few people reading these chronicles, you are going to want one for free.

The benefits of hoarding a few thousand of these... Woven clothing labels circa 2000.

It’s been so long, that the domain name was available again.

Self Portrait. Tee and hat printed in America by Cushy Gigs.


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