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Boxed pre-internet mementos, surrounded by them. They are making their presence felt in the new studio and demand release from their cages. Eager to start creating I decided to ignore them at first but, after staring at a white canvas for a few weeks, it seemed sensical to digitize the aging newspaper and magazine articles that have been stored for years. As if taking one last look at the past before moving forward, I went through the documents and absorbed the memories they hold.

"Reflection is the business of a man” - Shakespeare

Article by the now defunct 944 Magazine. “Behind the scene: Gallerists” by John Hood. Featuring Fred Snitzer, Anthony Spinello, Francisco De La Torre and Carol Jazzar. October 2008.

David Dresden (Gabriel & Dresden) wears the Butter tee for a LOFT Magazine article. April 2004.

Underexposed (my first curatorial effort), and it’s horrible tag line “Never Heard Never Seen Never Experienced”. Circa 1990.

La Colada. Pen drawing. 1998.


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