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We met a few years ago. Studio visits quickly turned into a solo show at Butter Gallery in 2014, and a friendship with many common interests. Today Jeffrey Noble joins me again at the Gesamtkunstwerk building where, along with Allison Matherly and their collaborative endeavor titled Nice’n Easy, he is constructing a new artist studio and exhibition space. In addition to the inauguration on March 11 of their new space, I will be presenting A Magnetic Shelter by Jeffrey Noble at the Projektraum.

This collection of work was first shown as one part of an immersive installation in a mobile project space dubbed “The CoWorker”, founded by Brandon Opalka. Produced in 2015, these paintings highlight the overlooked esoteric languages of the street as he creates a mythology surrounding the reappearing symbology of manhole covers, each work originating as a mono-print lifted from the street itself.



Noble floats and reads somewhere in Buena Vista.

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