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Working mostly as a freelance commercial artist from 1992-2002, a considerable part of my home was designated as studio space. It didn’t compare to the facilities afforded to me on years prior, while studying art and design at the University of Miami, but it was a bonafide studio nevertheless. Literally spending ten years inside my house working as a graphic designer, the cabin fever and decline of a once profitable industry, motivated me to a pursue a career in real estate and opening Butter Gallery a few years later.

Having been born on December 31, the popular association between the end of a calendar year with, the opportunity to create worthy changes in the new astronomical cycle holds a special significance. As the director of Butter Gallery during the past eleven years, my creative aspirations have succeeded the efforts of aiding and promoting the artistic careers of others. And while many aspects of presenting new proposals in the gallery setting are artistic in nature and very fulfilling; the need for a personal creative dialogue, after a clamurous 2016, became more obvious than ever before.

The decision to occupy Butter Gallery’s main exhibition space as my personal atelier was a difficult one to make. Justifying the use of a space with such an opportunity cost and dimensions implied the committed return to an artistic career that has been neglected for over a decade. Regardless, this event is more than a dream come true but instead, a reward for the successful completion of a long journey.

Besides a comfortable space to produce large format paintings, a place to materialize years of accumulated design ideas on a proper drafting table. It will also be a place of study, as the etymology of the word implies, to read and write these chronicles.


First day at the new studio in the Gesamtkunstwek building.


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