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It was a good yield on the harvest before the storm that never came. No human can eat that much fruit alone. Nature delivers it all at once, as if to force us to share or trade. Unheard of to trade food in this urban setting, but much appreciated and eye opening when gifted. Most recipients were fascinated, in disbelief that such voluptuous specimens could grow in the backyard of an average home. Can’t help to fantasize about a city where food grows everywhere, the abundance of food and human interaction that would take place. Potted plants in every balcony, giant trees growing where the dirt is now bare.

One must also share his wine, and this nice bottle of red I drank with Chips. It reminded me of a Primitivo I drank years ago. Primitivo de Mandurria. Never found that wine again.



More than 100 giant Florida avocados from a single tree in 2016 at Le Jeune.

Tenshen Red Blend.


Tenshen Review Video by Josh Farrell

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