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An unexpected gift arrived today, along with the element of surprise. A gift that brings relevance to a narrative still in writing, and a testimonial to the belief that everything is connected; especially the small details. Thanks to you my dear friends Anthony Spinello and Sinisa Kukec for such kind gesture. The

"Erotic Epiphany of a Wayward Landscape" has inspired me to write a few lines of text. Short stanzas come easier and from the heart.

The beauty of Arcadia fits you well. Trust is not an issue in the never-never land. I can be myself again, and have your approval. Our love will be eternal, here in Shangri La. Regrettably my mind keeps going back to Hades, and the indecent landscape that you like to farm. The hypocrisy of your intimacy on that particular day.

The erotic epiphanies of your wayward ways.



The recently re-opened arch.

Erotic Epihany of a Wayward Landscape, 2010

Sinisa Kukec


The making of Erotic Epiphany of a Wayward Landscape

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